A path rarely travelled

The wild called. The family house is located near the edge of a wood. I’ve spent much time there over the years, but today it called. I left the house walked paths I have walked countless times before, but today I yearned for somewhere new, unfamiliar.

I found a sign reading “public footpath” pointed at a field. There were no obvious footprints and I wondered how many feet had found this path. I shrugged and followed.

I found fields I did not know existed, back-roads with destinations unknown and the growing feeling I could not turn back. With no time pressures and nothing to guide me other than the sun I decided I would challenge the unknown and find an alternate route home.

Woodland lead to fields and fields lead to paths rarely travelled. And these paths lead to a tamed wilderness; a golf course. I found this sign hanging ironically on the golf course deserted in the cool evening air.

There is something deeply unnatural, yet picturesque about the greens devoid of human activity.

I ventured further through the tended garden back into the denser clustering of trees. In the wood I found deer and a fox, neither species in the mood to chat.

I came out on a road on the far side. I turned left, trusting my sense of direction and the position of the sun to guide me home again. I was reminded of civilization; the sounds of car on tarmac. At first in the distance, then closer.

The density of housing increased and road signs informed me of where I was. I had become unlost. I ventured closer to home. The deceptive familiarity of identical housing had claimed me. I travelled through the housing estate. I could follow the meandering road, or I could find a more direct route. The many footpaths and the occasional low lying wall was the path I chose.

Eventually I returned home refreshed.

We have been spending a lot of time working on our EP recently and sometimes it is worth taking a break and gaining a new perspective on things.

There are many crossroads in life. Many are small and go unnoticed. The next time you find yourself bored with tracing a familiar path, just consider… “What if?”